全新ISO 6789:2017面世後,對於扭力扳子檢測提出分段分速的嚴格要求。扭力扳子檢測時20% – 80%加載速度與80% – 100%加載速度完全不同,極難通過手動模式滿足規程要求。

諾霸依據ISO 6789:2017規程設計推出的扭矩測試架TCS裝置採用頭部作動的加載方式,搭配全自動可調速馬達,可在規定時間內完成扭矩扳子的常規檢測需求。



  • 可檢測最大扭矩值為3000Nm。
  • 配合掃碼槍操作,加快工具信息錄入,降低誤操作可能,提升工作效率。
  • 搭載諾霸TMS扭力管理系統,滿足日常工具檢測需求,含出具檢測報告功能。
  • 或搭配諾霸TMS扭力管理系統 Plus版,獲得校驗、測試、壽命試驗等多種運行模式,並可對接客戶MES系統,擁有更便捷的數據存儲與管理(選配)。
型號 料號
1500 N·m TCS自動加載扭力扳手測試架 SE60302FAM
3000 N·m TCS自動加載扭力扳手測試架 SE60303FAM

TCS Automatic Loading Torque Wrench Calibration Stand - Introduction:-

  • The maximum detectable torque value is 3000Nm.
  • Cooperate with the barcode scanning gun to speed up tool information entry, reduce the possibility of misoperation, and improve work efficiency.
  • Equipped with Norbar TMS torque management system, it can meet the needs of daily tool testing, including the function of issuing test reports.
  • Or it can be used with Norbar TMS Torque Management System Plus version to obtain multiple operation modes such as calibration, test, and life test, and can be connected to the customer's MES system for more convenient data storage and management (optional).

Torque Management System PLUS Ver. (TMS PLUS Ver.)

Torque Management System PLUS Ver. (TMS PLUS Ver.) is PC software designed with a user friendly interface that will enable certificate generation and data archiving for calibration of all types of torque tools.
This software is function modularization, divided into two categories of manual tool and power tool calibration. Easy to collect the measurement data.

Function Introduction

  • Quick login via scan code for tool measurement. Clear division of authority. Easy to collect tool basic information.
  • Support Chinese-English bilingual interface, Simplified/Traditional Chinese can be switched freely. Suitable for various countries around the world.
  • Supports custom verification specification settings to meet customized needs.
  • Support Microsoft SQL Server and ACCESS three-tier database structure, and cooperate with the server to realize the intelligent identification function, which is convenient for customers. MES system docking cooperation.
  • The calibration timing function is convenient for counting the calibration time of a single wrench.
  • The mass storage function realizes real-time storage of verification data and synchronous transmission to the database background.
  • Support verification data export in EXCEL form.
  • A variety of statistical analysis indicators are preset to facilitate tool management.
  • Customize report format and export PDF document format.
  • Store measurement data in real time and synchronous transfer to database for analysis. Prevent data modification.