TMS PLUS 扭力管理系統


TMS PLUS 扭力管理系統

諾霸扭力校驗軟件(Torque Management System Plus)適用於各類用戶對扭力工具的校驗、數據保存溯源、報告生成等需求,適合的工具類型包括預置式扭力扳手、示值式扭力扳手、電動工具、氣動工具等。軟件可搭配多款諾霸校驗裝置使用,如TWL系列扭力測試架、ISO系列校準架、諾霸扭力工具檢測車等。

TMS PLUS 扭力管理系統

TMS PLUS 扭力管理系統-功能介紹

  • ID登錄系統,清晰劃分權限。
  • 支持中英雙語界面,簡體/繁體中文自由切換。
  • 軟体功能模塊化,分為手動工具及動力工具兩大類校驗。
  • 預設ISO和JJG標準校驗規範流程,涵蓋常用手動工具及動力工具類型,方便客戶完成工具日常檢測校驗工作。
  • 支持自定義校驗規範設置,滿足定制化需求。
  • 支持Microsoft SQL Server和ACCESS三層數據庫結構,配合服務器實現智慧識別功能,方便與客戶。 MES系統對接配合。
  • 可設置扳手校驗週期,臨期前自動提醒,確保扳手使用精度。
  • 校驗計時功能,方便統計單只扳手校驗時長。
  • 海量儲存功能,實現校驗數據的實時存儲,同步傳輸至數據庫後台。
  • 支持校驗數據以EXCEL表格形式導出。
  • 預設多種統計分析指標,便於工具管理。
  • 自定義報告格式並導出PDF文檔格式。

Torque Management System PLUS Ver. (TMS PLUS Ver.)

Torque Management System PLUS Ver. (TMS PLUS Ver.) is PC software designed with a user friendly interface that will enable certificate generation and data archiving for calibration of all types of torque tools.
This software is function modularization, divided into two categories of manual tool and power tool calibration. Easy to collect the measurement data.

Function Introduction

  • Quick login via scan code for tool measurement. Clear division of authority. Easy to collect tool basic information.
  • Support Chinese-English bilingual interface, Simplified/Traditional Chinese can be switched freely. Suitable for various countries around the world.
  • Software function modularization, divided into two categories of manual tool and power tool calibration. Increase measurement speed.
  • The standard calibration procedure of ISO and JJG standards is preset, covering common types of manual tools and power tools, which is convenient for customers to complete the daily inspection and calibration of tools.
  • Supports custom verification specification settings to meet customized needs.
  • Support Microsoft SQL Server and ACCESS three-tier database structure, and cooperate with the server to realize the intelligent identification function, which is convenient for customers. MES system docking cooperation.
  • The wrench calibration cycle can be set, and it will be automatically reminded before the due date to ensure the accuracy of the wrench.
  • The calibration timing function is convenient for counting the calibration time of a single wrench.
  • The mass storage function realizes real-time storage of verification data and synchronous transmission to the database background.
  • Support verification data export in EXCEL form.
  • A variety of statistical analysis indicators are preset to facilitate tool management.
  • Customize report format and export PDF document format.
  • Open port protocol. Dock customer's system.
  • Store measurement data in real time and synchronous transfer to database for analysis. Prevent data modification.