工具控制器 — 基於TTT




工具控制器 — 基於TTT

工具控制器 — 基於TTT - 功能介绍:

工具控制器關閉系統安裝在墻面箱體内,配合Norbar PTM系列外部控制型氣動扭力扳手產品使用。


Tool Controller, Shut-Off System in Wall Box -  Introduction:-

The Tool Controller shut-off system is supplied in a wall box for 'External Control' versions of the Norbar PTM series of tools and can give a much greater range of functionality than is possible on the 'Internal Control' version of the tool.

Also available with a printer, see Part No. 60254.

工具控制器 — 基於TTT - 產品參數:


料號 描述
60244 墻面箱體内的工具控制器關閉系統(不含綫)
61127.600 PTM系列氣動扭力扳手產品連接綫
61126.600 PTM系列產品傳感器連接綫
61128.600 PTM系列產品電磁連接綫(適用于單閥門)



料號 描述
61135.600 PTM-EC及角度系列工具傳感器連接綫,6m
61135.1000 PTM-EC及角度系列工具傳感器連接綫,10m
60308.400 Pro-LOG,TST、TTT、T-Box 2 連接扭力和角度環狀傳感器
60308.600 Pro-LOG,TST、TTT、T-Box 2 連接扭力和角度環狀傳感器
60308.1000 Pro-LOG,TST、TTT連接扭力和角度環狀傳感器




  • 10"觸控式螢幕 HMI & PLC安裝在塗漆鋼質外殼中,室內/車間工位使用
  • 可輸入閥門測試所需詳細資訊,操作員,時間,日期,扭力限制和角度/轉數限制
  • 正向/反向迴圈至用戶設定的迴圈數值,最高可達32,000°
  • 1個扭力感測器埠,用於“.LOGA”或“.LOG”連接
  • 1個雙電磁閥埠,用於連接閥門元件
  • 1個手持遙控器輸入埠
  • 2個極限開關埠(用於感測器無法測量角度的位置)
  • 1個自訂壓力感測器埠( 2mV/V),用於資料記錄(非工具關閉)
  • 1個RS232+1個USB資料輸出埠
  • 即時扭力及角度或扭力及轉數資料流程
  • 採集測試資料並以CSV格式輸出至外接U盤,用於生成定制化測試報告及圖表
  • 急停按鈕及扭力超載限制功能
  • 閥門測試控制器套組內帶有手持遙控器的工具控制器,配合AC伺服驅動或氣動工具一起使用

VALVE TESTING SYSTEM -  Introduction:-

Typical applications include the testing of Ball Valves requiring cyclical rotation 0 - 90˚ / 90 - 0˚, whilst recording torque vs angle data. Testing of Gate Valves / Valve Actuators by opening & closing whilst recording torque vs angle / turns data. The test must be remotely controlled from outside of the test chamber, where the test valve is pressurised.

  • 10” touchscreen HMI & PLC housed in painted steel enclosure for indoor / workshop use
  • Test data capture and output in CSV format onto external USB drive, time & date stamped
  • Up to 20 targets can be set against a test
  • Generate customer test reports and produce graphs
  • Real time torque & angle or torque & turns data streaming via RS232 serial port
  • Precision controlled low noise AC servo drive
  • Operates Pneumatic (via solenoid valves), or AC servo drive tools
  • Using the AC servo drive an optional lock can be added to hold a butterfly valve at a prescribed angle
  • Dedicated input ports for pressure, temperature and proximity sensors
  • Controller available as separate component to upgrade existing valve testing kits
  • Automatic recognition of Smart transducers
  • Forward / reverse cycling - user programmable number of cycles, variable up to 32,000 sweeps
  • Emergency stop button and torque overload limit function
  • Utilises Norbar's tried and tested PneuTorque multiplier along with Torque and Angle Transducers - various capacities available
  • Torque Range: 100 - 300,000 N·m (capacities up to 500,000 available on application)
  • Powerful brushless motor is quiet and maintenance free
  • Option to include network capability


料號 描述
28943 3通關閉閥10Bar最大空壓


料號 描述
60309 雙電磁閥元件適用于108遠端工具
60310 雙電磁閥元件適用于72遠端工具
60298.600* 雙電磁閥組裝電磁線,6m
60298.1000* 雙電磁閥組裝電磁線,10m