扭力工具試驗機 – TTT


扭力工具試驗機 – TTT


任何諾霸“SMART”的傳感器和大多數來自諾霸或其他廠商的mV/V校準傳感器可以連接到TTT。 “SMART”功能意味著一旦連接傳感器,儀器將自動識別校準參數,例如mV/V輸出、序列號和容量。

扭力工具試驗機 - TTT

扭力工具試驗機 - TTT-功能介紹

  • 圖形按鈕便於選擇模式。
  • 上下限設定,過低、合格和失效故障指示燈,最多可設置12個目標值。
  • 數字極限狀態輸出可用於控制外部工具。
  • 使用快速充電內部電池組(最長時間為3小時20分鐘)或交流電源(90至264伏特)。
  • 用於連接到印表機或PC的RS-232-C串行數據接口。在軌跡模式使用時連續RS 232輸出(最大每秒11個讀數)。
  • 脈沖模式和離合器工具模式下的脈衝計數功能。
  • “SMART”智慧傳感器識別,立即顯示傳感器容量、單位和序列號。
  • 20個非“SMART” mV/V校準的傳感器的校準數據的存儲。
  • 模擬輸出允許儀器作為過程控制系統的一部分進行性能分析。
  • 用戶可選擇每個操作模式的頻率響應。
  • 所有用戶選擇功能都具有密碼保護,僅向指定用戶提供所需操作模式和啟用計量單位,這一功能有效避免了操作人員的誤操作。
  • 峰值模式可設置為自動重置(之前只能手動重置)。
  • 系列3用戶可以設置自己的測量單位,可以與非扭力傳感器連接,比如負載或壓力。
型號 料號 準確度
TTT設備 43228 +/-0.5%



Torque Tool Testing Machine - TTT-Function Introduction

The TTT shares all of the extensive features of the TST except that it has no internal transducer. Instead, the TTT offers not one but three external transducer interfaces allowing any three transducers to be simultaneously connected. Selection between the transducers is made by a rotary switch at the back of the instrument case. Any transducer from Norbar's "SMART" range and most mV/V calibrated transducers from Norbar or other manufacturers can be connected to the TTT. The "SMART" feature means that once a transducer has been connected, the instrument will automatically recognise calibration details such as mV/V output, serial number and capacity.

  • Pictorial display panel for easy mode selection.
  • Pulse count feature in Impulse mode and Clutch Tool mode.
  • Memory for calibration details of 20 non-"SMART" mV/V calibrated transducers.
  • User selectable frequency response for each mode of operation.
  • All user selectable features have password protection. The instrument can be issued to users with only the required modes of operation and units of measure enabled. This feature can virtually eliminate operator induced errors.
  • Operation from fast charge internal battery pack (maximum time of 3 hours 20 minutes for full charge) or a.c. supply (90 to 264 Volts).
  • RS-232-C serial data interface for connection to a printer or PC. Continuous RS 232 output when used in track mode (up to 11 readings per sec).
  • Analogue output allows the instrument to be used as part of a process control system for example, shutting off a power tool at the desired torque.
  • Limit Detection with low, pass and fail indication. Up to 12 target values can be set.
  • "SMART" intelligence for transducer recognition. Transducer capacity, Units and Serial No. are shown.
  • Peak Memory can now be configured to have auto reset.
  • Now possible for users to set up their own measurement units. This make is possible to interface with non torque transducers, for example load or pressure.