TTL-HE設計用於惡劣環境下的便攜扭力測量儀器。 TTL-HE使用電池電源進行操作,連接傳感器“HE”範圍,防護等級為IP65/IP67。



TTL-HE儀器和傳感器套裝 - 功能介紹

  • IP65/67 防護等級。
  • 雙向校準。
  • 用於惡劣環境下的電池電源。
  • 所有功能與TSTTTT儀器相同。
  • 提供一個防護等級為IP67的攜帶盒。
  • 為所有諾霸傳感器提供5位分辨率。
  • 240 x 64像素點陣顯示,更新速率為每秒兩次。

TTL-HE Instrument and Transducer Kits

Torque Tester Lite – Harsh Environment (TTL-HE) is a portable torque measuring instrument designed for use in harsh environments. The TTL-HE operating on battery power with one of the ‘HE’ range of transducers connected, has an ingress protection rating of IP65/IP67. Typical operating environments are where high humidity, water or salt water spray and dust may be an issue. Features include; 10 measurement modes, 13 units of torque (with additional USER units feature), 12 pairs of limits and text displayed in 11 languages.


  • IP65/IP67 rated.
  • Bi-Direction calibration for both instrument and transducer.
  • Battery Power use in harsh environments (mains supply for charging).
  • Stainless steel design with 'SMART' intelligence.
  • Limit indication for up to 8 user defined target values
  • Continuous RS-232 output
  • Analogue Output
  • Supplied in a water tight carry case

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TTL-HE儀器和傳感器套裝 - 產品規格

型號 料號 品名
TTL-HE 43217 TTL-HE儀器 (含IP67防護等級攜帶盒)
TTL-HE 60287.LOG* 5,000 N·m M/M TTL-HE 套裝,含連接線 (Class 4)
TTL-HE 60295.LOG* 10,000 N·m M/M TTL-HE 套裝,含連接線(Class 5)
TTL-HE 60296.LOG* 15,000 N·m M/M TTL-HE 套裝,含連接線(Class 6)
TTL-HE 60289.LOG* 40,000 N·m M/M TTL-HE 套裝,含連接線(Class 7)