TTi 扭力扳手


TTi 扭力扳手


TTi 扭力扳手

TTi 扭力扳手準確、易於設置且使用舒適。它們採用美觀耐用的緞面鍍鉻板製成。

TTi 扭力扳手 - 功能介紹

  • 精確度為讀值的±3%,的讀數範圍超越一切扭力扳手的國際標準。每個扳手都有其可溯源的校準證書,滿足ISO6789-1:2017。
  • 測微計刻度使得扭矩設定變得簡單並且無錯誤。
  • 所有的型號都具有鎖緊功能,以防止設定扭矩的意外調整。
  • 手柄和透鏡材料能抵禦常用的工業化學品侵蝕。
  • 測微計刻度使設定簡單且無誤差。(雙刻度扳手,測微計刻度適用N·m 刻度。)
  • 快速方便的調節:在短短十圈內可以完成整個刻度的調整(隨型號不同會有不同圈數。)
  • 調整鎖定:所有型號都帶有鎖定功能,以防止扭力設定的意外調動。
  • 通用棘齒:堅韌的棘輪支持雙向轉動,並能以5度的角度安置扳手在目前汽車及機械的狹小空間。
  • 舒適耐用手柄:該手柄選用兩種材質進行製作:基礎材料選擇硬質材料,覆蓋手柄的材料為有柔軟觸感的材料,提高手感的舒適度及防滑度。手柄材料及透鏡能夠抵禦在汽車業、航空業及工業環境下使用時會遇到的化學物品。

TTi Wrenches

Including the following products:-

  • TTi Adjustable Ratchet
  • TTf Fixed Head Torque Wrenches
  • TTfth Female Torque Handle

The Norbar TTi Torque Wrenches are accurate, easy to set and are comfortable in use.  They are finished in an attractive and durable satin chrome plate. This TTi20 model is supplied with a 3/8" reversible ratchet.

The Norbar TT Fixed Head Wrenches have all the same features and benefits of the standard TT range, but have an Ultra robust, non-ratcheting fixed head with a square drive that can be positioned for clockwise or anti-clockwise operation.

The Norbar TTfth20 Torque Handle & TTfth50 Torque Handle is ideal for use with the popular 9 x 12 mm fittings.


  • Micrometer Scale for simple and error free setting. (On dual scale wrenches, the micrometer increment applies to the N·m scale.)
  • Quick and Light Adjustment: adjustment over the entire scale can quickly be achieved and with minimal effort in approximately ten complete turns (exact number varies by model).
  • Comfortable, Durable Handle: the handle is constructed using two materials; a base material for strength overlaid with a soft feel grip for comfort and slip resistance.
  • The handle material and lens resist chemicals in common usage in the automotive, aviation and industrial environments.
  • Supplied with a Declaration of Conformance, which meets the requirements of ISO 6789-1:2017

TTi 扭力扳手 - 產品規格


型號 料號 驅動方頭in 範圍N.m 範圍lbf.ft
TTi 20 1/4” 13830 1/4” 4-20 35-180*
TTi 20 3/8” 13831 3/8” 4-20 35-180*
TTi 50 3/8” 13841 3/8” 10-50 8-35
TTi 50 1/2” 13842 1/2” 10-50 8-35


型號 料號 驅動方頭in 範圍N.m 範圍lbf.ft
TTf 20 3/8” 13836 3/8” 4-20 35-180*


型號 料號 驅動方頭in 範圍N.m 範圍lbf.ft
TTfth 20 13839 9 x 12 mm 4-20 35-180
TTfth 50 13847 9 x 12 mm 10-50 8-35