NORTORQUE® 系鏈 扭力扳手



NORTORQUE® 系鏈 扭力扳手


NORTORQUE® 系鏈 扭力扳手 - 功能介紹

  • 固定頭符合DROPS關於在高處工作時對套筒進行安全處理的建議。
  • 可靠的、通用的扭矩扳手的設計。
  • 測微計尺使得扭矩設定變得簡單並且無錯誤。
  • 鎖緊功能防止設定扭矩的意外調整。

NorTorque Tethered Adjustable Ratchet (Dual Scale) Wrenches

The NorTorque® utilises Norbar's proven mechanism and internal components and incorporates them into a purposeful and attractive torque wrench

In developing NorTorque®, Norbar's objective was to deliver outstanding quality and performance in a value for money package. Fine engineering ensures that the wrench adjustment is both fast and fingertip light meaning that you can do your job more efficiently.

Supplied with a Declaration of Conformance which meets the requirements ISO 6789-1:2017

NorTorque Tethered torque wrench features an inbuilt tethering point to secure the tool for safe work at height and double-sided locking plunger square


  • Pinned head in line with DROPS recommendation for ultra-safe handling of sockets when working at height
  • Built on a trusted, versatile torque wrench design
  • Micrometer scale for simple and error free setting
  • Lock feature helps prevent accidental adjustment of the set torque
  • Supplied with a Declaration of Conformance, which meets the requirements of ISO 6789-1:2017

About Norbar, world leaders in torque equipment

Cutting edge:- Norbar’s state-of-the-art factory facilities ensure we provide the very latest design, manufacturing and quality control technology to achieve the highest level of innovation and precision in the field of torque control equipment.

Family values:- Descendants of the founder, Bill Brodey, still participate in the business and the company remains every bit as passionate about providing customers with the highest quality products and services as Bill was when manufacturing that first torque wrench.

Globally available:- Norbar is the only torque equipment manufacturer to be able to offer torque tool and instrument calibration services to the original factory standard on four continents.

NORTORQUE® 系鏈 扭力扳手 - 產品規格


型號 料號 驅動方頭in 範圍N.m 範圍lbf.ft
Model 100 130178 1/2” 20 - 100 15 - 75
Model 200 130179 1/2” 40 - 200 30 - 150
Model 300 130180 1/2” 60 - 300 45 - 220