超聲波螺栓緊固應力測試儀Delta Sigma


超聲波螺栓緊固應力測試儀Delta Sigma

超聲波螺栓緊固應力測試儀Delta Sigma擁有全新的人機交互介面,實現螺栓拉伸和負荷資料的測量、顯示、存儲及傳輸。對於螺栓拉伸可實現精准控制。

超聲波螺栓緊固應力測試儀Delta Sigma

超聲波螺栓緊固應力測試儀Delta Sigma擁有全新的人機交互介面,實現螺栓拉伸和負荷資料的測量、顯示、存儲及傳輸。對於螺栓拉伸可實現精准控制。

超聲波螺栓緊固應力測試儀Delta Sigma - 功能介紹

  • 超高性價比的超聲波螺栓拉伸及負荷測量設備
  • 方便易用的觸控式螢幕,支援手套或手寫筆一同使用
  • IP44防護等級,滿足現場使用需求
  • 相容 MS Windows及MS Excel,無需其他電腦軟體
  • 套裝內已包含溫度探頭,免去手動輸入溫度步驟
  • 可通過micro-USB或外接電源適配器進行供

Ultrasonic Bolt Measurement Delta Sigma

The Delta Sigma pulse-echo ultrasonic time-of-flight (TOF) measurement device; measures, displays, stores and transfers bolt load and elongation data in a new, single purpose unit.


  • Low cost ultrasonic bolt elongation and load measuring instrument
  • Easy to use touch screen display (can be used with gloves or stylus)
  • IP44 rated (sealed for field use)
  • Compatible with MS Windows and MS Excel, no need for special PC software
  • Temperature probe is included in kit, no need for manual temperature input
  • Chargeable instrument by external charger or micro-USB

About Norbar, world leaders in torque equipment

Cutting edge:- Norbar’s state-of-the-art factory facilities ensure we provide the very latest design, manufacturing and quality control technology to achieve the highest level of innovation and precision in the field of torque control equipment.

Family values:- Descendants of the founder, Bill Brodey, still participate in the business and the company remains every bit as passionate about providing customers with the highest quality products and services as Bill was when manufacturing that first torque wrench.

Globally available: - Norbar is the only torque equipment manufacturer to be able to offer torque tool and instrument calibration services to the original factory standard on four continents.

超聲波螺栓緊固應力測試儀Delta Sigma - 產品規格


44539 Delta Sigma設備,帆布便攜袋,超聲波耦合劑,溫度探頭,感測器線,配手提箱
44539.KIT Delta Sigma設備,帆布便攜袋,超聲波耦合劑,溫度探頭,感測器線,1x 感測器(客戶所選),配手提箱


DELTA SIGMA 套裝 - 選配件

料號 選配件
61910 超聲波耦合劑瓶
60350 溫度探頭
60349 感測器線


DELTA SIGMA 套裝 - 感測器選配件

料號 選配件
56016 3∕16" 5 MHz 磁性感測器
56017 3∕16" 7.5 MHz磁性感測器
56018 3∕16" 10 MHz磁性感測器
56009 1∕4" 5 MHz磁性感測器
56019 1∕4" 10 MHz磁性感測器
56011 1∕2" 2.25 MHz磁性感測器
56010 1∕2" 5 MHz磁性感測器
56020 3∕4" 1 MHz磁性感測器
56013 3∕4" 2.25 MHz磁性感測
56012 3∕4" 5 MHz磁性感測器
56021 粘合劑, 3 平方毫米, 7.5 MHz, 100片裝