專業型扭力試驗機 Pro-Test 系列 2


專業型扭力試驗機 Pro-Test 系列 2

專業型扭力試驗機 Pro-Test 系列 2,是一個準確、高級的和易操作的儀器,可測試和校準所有類型的扭力扳手。

專業型扭力試驗機 Pro-Test 系列 2

專業型扭力試驗機 Pro-Test 系列 2-功能介紹

  • “Pro-Test”的價格使內部測試成為可行的方案,即使對於較小的工業和汽車扭力扳手用戶也是如此。
  • 保證符合BS 7882:2017標準, 主要校準範圍1級或更優 (滿量程的20%至100%),次級校準範圍2級或更優(最低校準值到滿量程的20 %)。 1級相當於精度±5%。
  • 三種基本操作模式,滿足所有的扭矩扳手類型要求,“Track”顯示當前值,“Peak Memory”記錄最高值,“First Peak Memory”記錄扭力的第一峰值(音響型扭力扳手)。兩種峰值模式都可以使用手動或自動重置。
  • 大背光顯示屏很容易從遠處和光線較暗處看清。
  • 顯示器和傳感器用600mm電線連接。
  • 包含所有扭力測量的常用單位。
  • 圖形按鈕便於模式選擇。
  • 用戶可以選擇他們希望使用的語言(包括大多數歐洲語言)。
  • 傳感器可按水平或垂直於扭矩扳手的操作方向來固定安裝。
  • RS-232–C接口用於讀取印表機、PC、數據捕獲單元、SPC軟件等的輸出。
  • 可選的安裝板提供更大的安裝靈活性。
  • 所有用戶設置的參數都可從前置面板菜單上選擇。
  • 提供耐用的工具箱,附帶連接到PC或印表機的數據傳輸線。
  • 所有傳感器經過順時針方向校準。
型號 料號 所提供套筒 範圍N.m 範圍lbf.ft
Pro-Test60 43218 1/4"轉接至10 mm六角
3/8"轉接至10 mm六角
1/2"轉接至10 mm六角
1.2-60 0.80-44
Pro-Test400 43219 3/8"轉接至22 mm六角
1/2"轉接至22 mm六角
3/4"轉接至22 mm六角
8-400 6-295
Pro-Test1500 43220 3∕4"轉接至36 mm六角 30-1500 22-1106

專業型扭力試驗機 Pro-Test 選配件

型號 料號
支撐板 62198.BLK9005
系列2適用12V直流電源 60253
1"x36mm 套筒 29190
3/4"x36mm 套筒 29179
1/2"x36mm 套筒 29143
3/8"x36mm 套筒 29083


Professional Torque Testing Machine Pro-Test Series 2-Function Introduction

Based on the outstanding success of the original Professional Torque Tester and combining the simplicity of the TTT and TST, the Pro-Test Series 2 is offered as the most comprehensive torque wrench tester on the market today.

  • Three essential operating modes allow the Pro-Test to be used with all torque wrench types: 'Track' displays the live value, 'Peak Memory' records the highest value and 'First Peak Memory' records the first peak of torque (for click type torque wrenches). Both memory modes can be used with manual or automatic reset.
  • Large back lit display is easily visible from a distance and in poor light.
  • All common units of torque measurement are included.
  • User can select the language they wish to work in (most European languages are included).
  • Transducer can be mounted for torque wrench operation in the horizontal or vertical plane.
  • RS-232-C is included for the output of reading to a printer, PC, data capture unit, SPC software etc.
  • Optional mounting plate, Part Code 62198, allows the Pro-Test to be wall mounted.
  • All user settable parameters are menu selectable from the front panel.
  • As standard, all transducers are calibrated in a clockwise direction. For additional anti clockwise direction order Part No. PROTEST.CCW.
  • Display and Transducer are hard-wired together with a 600mm cable.
  • Pictorial 'Mode' selection incorporated for ease of use.
  • Supplied in a robust plastic case with a data transfer lead to connect to a PC or printer.
  • Guaranteed classification to BS7882:2017, Class 1 or better over the primary calibration range (20% to 100% of full scale), Class 2 or better over the secondary calibration range (lowest calibrated value to 20% of full scale). Class 1 equates to ±0.5% of reading.