ISO 3000 扭力扳手校準架


ISO 3000 扭力扳手校準架


ISO 3000 扭力扳手校準架

ISO 3000 扭力扳手校準架-功能介紹

  • 1250:1的高傳動比齒輪箱可輕鬆施加大扭力。
  • 配合T-Box™ 2使用,計時功能令扭力施加比率符合ISO 6789:2017的要求。
  • 扭力扳手校準架可使用諾霸靜態傳感器系統輕鬆更換傳感器。
  • 浮動反作用力點可最大限度的減少扳手的側向載荷。滿足ISO 6789:2017要求將被測扳手寄生力降至最低的規程。
  • 配合反作用力臂延長桿可檢測2200mm的扳手。可移除以節約空間。在未安裝反作用力臂延長桿的情況下,扳手可檢測長度最長為1100mm。


型號 料號 說明
ISO 3000 N·m 扭力扳手校準架 20505 手動扭力扳手校準架 ISO 3000N·m
電動扭力扳手校準架 ISO 3000N·m 20506 電動扭力扳手校準架 ISO 3000N·m
短反作用力臂板配件 20606 -

*另有手動測試架 ISO 1500N.m提供,料號60300。

ISO 3000 Torque Wrench Calibration Stand - Function Introduction

These loaders allow torque wrenches to be calibrated or tested in accordance with ISO 6789:2003, BS EN 26789:2003. Their function is to take full advantage of the accuracy of Norbar's torque measuring systems by reducing operator induced variations in the calibration process.

  • The design allows for easy interchange of transducers using the Norbar Static Transducer system
  • Floating reaction point minimises side loads on wrench.
  • Optional Small Reaction Plate (Part Code 20606) allows torque wrenches down to 125mm in length to be tested.
  • The high ratio, 1250:1 gearbox allows high torques to be applied, whilst ensuring that the operator does not exceed the rate of increase of torque specified in the standards.
  • Reaction extension bar allows wrenches up to 2250 mm to be tested. This can be removed to save space.
  • Includes a selection of adapters to enable torque wrenches to be calibrated with an appropriate transducer.


The Norbar ISO 3000 Torque Wrench Loader is designed to test torque wrenches up to a maximum capacity
of 3000 N∙m or 2200 lbf∙ft.
To measure the applied torque a torque transducer coupled to an appropriate measurement instrument are

Safety Precautions

  • The ISO 3000 is heavy. Take care when installing.
  • Ensure the operating area is capable of taking the weight of the ISO 3000.
  • Trapping hazard - Keep hand and loose clothing away from the torque wrench during use.
  • To avoid damage to the torque wrench under test do not exceed the wrench set torque value.
  • To avoid damage to the transducer do not exceed the maximum capacity.
  • Never exceed the maximum torque capacity of the ISO 3000 (3000 N∙m / 2200 lbf∙ft).
  • Do not operate without a torque measurement system connected and working.
  • The ISO 3000 is designed for testing torque tools, do not use for other purposes.