動力工具扭力測試架與靜態傳感器結合使用時,該測試台提供了一種具有成本效益的測試和校準 Norbar 的 PTM-52/72、PT-72 和 ET-72 的方法。(動力工具扭力測試架)使用前必須詳讀使用手冊,避免工安意外發生。

型號 料號
7000 N·m ET,EBT,PT動力工具扭力測試架

(提供8個反作用力板【不包括反作用力板毛坯】 和¾", 1" 和 1½" 驅動方頭轉接件)

7000 N·m ET,EBT,PT動力工具測試台無反作用力板

(提供¾", 1" 和 1½" 驅動方頭轉接件)


注:動力工具扭力測試架中不包含靜態傳感器50669.LOG。標準範圍700 - 7000 N·m沒有覆蓋全部動力扭矩工具範圍,其它校準敬請聯繫鴻石獲得進一步資訊。

  • 適用於電動工具測試
  • 設計用於模擬螺栓連接的測試夾具
  • 自反應系統


型號 料號
2" AF 套筒 11/2" 驅動方頭 50800.29
2" AF 套筒 1" 驅動方頭 50800.28
2" AF 套筒 3/4" 驅動方頭 50800.27


型號 料號
7000N·m動力工具測試夾具用螺栓螺母套組 81041
墊片緩衝組100 - 7000 N·m(也可用於RD5000) 50548.4



型號 料號
適用於 ET/EBT/PTS/PTM 119, PT 4500 及 PT 5500 81024
適用於 ET/EBT/PTS/PTM 92 81025
適用於 ET/EBT/PTS/PTM 72 81026
適用於 PTS/PTM 52 81027
適用於 PT 2700 81028
適用於 PT 1, PT 1A 及 PT 2 81029
適用於 PT 5 及 PT 6 81030
適用於 PT 7 81031
用於通用測試架的反作用力板毛坯 81032

ET/PT Power Tool Test Rig, 7000 N·m

When used in conjunction with a Static Transducer, this test rig provides a cost effective means of testing and calibrating Norbar's PTM-52/72, PT-72 and ET-72.This calibration fixture is designed to be used with the correct Norbar calibrated static transducer to test inline power tools using the standard Norbar adaptor plates.

  • Suitable for Power Tool Testing
  • Test fixture designed to simulate a bolted joint
  • Self-reacting system

Technical Specifications

  • Supplied with 3/4", 1" & 1 1/2" square drive adaptors
  • Includes 8 Reaction Plates
  • Transducers not included
  • Designed for use with suitable display instruments (not included)

Isolate the tool from all energy sources before changing or adjusting the drive square or socket.
There is a risk of crushing between the reaction bar and work piece.
Keep hands away from reaction bar.
Keep hands away from tool output.
Keep loose clothing, hair, etc. from being caught in any rotating part of the tool.
Use only sockets and adaptors which are in good condition and are intended for use with power tools.
Read operating instructions for power tools.
Read operating instructions for transducer and measurement instrument.