• 廣泛的檢測範圍,除扭力倍力器、非同軸倍力器(如Sweeny航空專用倍力器) 、液壓扭力扳手外,亦可檢測氣動扭力扳手、電動扭力扳手等動力工具
  • 精密結構設計便於輕鬆更換不同量程靜態扭力傳感器
  • 最大檢測範圍為50000Nm。
  • 軸承支撐結構提供更精準的測量精度。
  • 多點位扭力反作用力臂挂靠模式滿足市面上大部分產品挂靠需求。
  • 雙坐標點動操作模式便捷完成設備調試,滿足客戶不同 需求應用。
  • 電動控制加載,實現操作零負荷。
  • 可滿足正反向檢測需求。
  • 電氣安全保護設計確保使用者操作安全。
  • 搭配一體機及扭力測試儀,可直接將檢測數據導入電腦進行數據管理。
型號 料號
50000N·m航空倍力器測試架 NS-HT1809

50000N·m Aviation Multiplier Test Rack-Function Introduction

The Norbar calibration laboratory provides calibration services for many well-known manufacturers. Its capacity expands multiple times. And Norbar develops 50000N.m multiplier equipment according to customers' requirement.

This Aviation Multiplier Test Rack is designed for the calibration of torque multipliers, non-coaxial multipliers (such as Sweeny aviation multipliers), hydraulic torque wrenches, pneumatic torque wrenches, electric torque wrenches and other power tools.

Its operation mode has double coordinate with jog. Easy to adjust. It also can support all types of torque tools and different range applications. This Aviation Multiplier Test Rack can output the calibration data to PC with the integrated machine and torque tester. Its calibration range is 100 - 50000 N.m.

  • Wide range of detection, in addition to torque multiplier, non-coaxial force multiplier (such as Sweeny aviation special multiplier), hydraulic torque wrench, can also detect pneumatic torque wrench, electric torque wrench and other power tools.
  • Precise structural design facilitates easy replacement of static torque sensors with different ranges.
  • The maximum detection range is 50000Nm.
  • The bearing support structure provides more precise measurement accuracy.
  • The anchoring mode of the multi-point torque reaction arm meets the anchoring requirements of most products on the market.
  • The two-coordinate jogging operation mode facilitates equipment debugging to meet the different needs of customers.
  • Electrically controlled loading to achieve zero load operation.
  • It can meet the needs of positive and negative detection.
  • The electrical safety protection design ensures the user's safe operation.
  • With an all-in-one machine and a torque tester, the test data can be directly imported into the computer for data management.

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