HandTorque® HT3系列 扭力倍力器 套裝


HandTorque® HT3系列 扭力倍力器 套裝

HandTorque® HT3系列 扭力倍力器 及其套裝是 “Highwayman”扭力倍力器設計用於狹小空間,或因操作人員力量的限制,而需要提供更高的扭力方式。扭力倍力器的輸入是通過棘輪扭力扳手設置,為所需輸出扭力的五分之一。

HandTorque® HT3系列 扭力倍力器 套裝

HandTorque® HT3系列 扭力倍力器 套裝 - 功能介紹

  • 5:1扭力放大比,精確度為±4%。
  • 提供2個不同形式的反作用力臂,使之具有廣泛的用途。
  • 堅固的結構意味著最低限度的維修量和很長的使用壽命。
  • 裝在手提箱內供貨,這一倍力器是重型車輛工具箱中理想的常備工具。
  • 扭矩倍力器套裝在手提箱內配有一個3/4"輸出驅動方頭。
  • 可僅選購倍力器本體(無反作用力臂和外箱)。
  • 1300Nm,料號為17218。
  • 2700N·m,料號為17219。

HandTorque® HT3 Torque Multiplier Series

What is a Torque Multiplier?

A torque multiplier is a device that increases the torque that can be applied by an operator. This is because the power output cannot exceed the power input, the number of output revolutions will be lower than the number of input revolutions (Torque x rpm = Power).

Why use a HandTorque® Multiplier?

  • Safety – use of long levers can be dangerous. Torque multipliers allow for a reduction in the lever length or operator effort
  • Space limitation – the use of a long lever may be impossible due to the available space
  • Accuracy – torque will be applied most accurately when it is applied smoothly and slowly. Torque multipliers enable this by removing much of the physical effort from the tightening task


  • 5:1 torque multiplication, accuracy guaranteed better than ±4%.
  • Supplied with two reaction bar styles for maximum versatility.
  • Robust construction means minimal maintenance and long life.
  • Supplied in a carrying case, the Highwayman is ideal for inclusion in the heavy vehicle kit.
  • 1300 N.m version has a spare 3/4" output square included in the kit.
  • If calibration is required, a UKAS accredited calibration certificate may be ordered (at extra cost)

About Norbar, world leaders in torque equipment

Cutting edge - Norbar’s state-of-the-art factory facilities ensure we provide the very latest design, manufacturing and quality control technology to achieve the highest level of innovation and precision in the field of torque control equipment.

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Globally available - Norbar is the only torque equipment manufacturer to be able to offer torque tool and instrument calibration services to the original factory standard on four continents.

HandTorque® HT3系列 扭力倍力器 套裝 - 產品規格

型號 料號 範圍 N.m 範圍 lbf.ft 扭力比
HT3-1300 17220 130 - 1300 96 - 960 5:1
HT3-2700 17221 270 - 2700 200 - 2000 5:1


型號 料號 輸入方頭 in 輸出方頭 in 曲柄反作用力臂重量 KG 直柄反作用力臂重量 KG
HT3-1300 17220 1/2” 3/4" 1.36 1.1
HT3-2700 17221 3/4" 1” 1.36 1.1