HandTorque 輕便系列-扭力倍力器和扭力扳手套裝


HandTorque 輕便系列-扭力倍力器和扭力扳手套裝



HandTorque 輕便系列-扭力倍力器扭力扳手套裝



HandTorque 輕便系列-扭力倍力器和扭力扳手套裝 - 功能介紹

  • 所有套裝都包含一個'SpinNor' ,它幫助反作用力臂快速定位。
  • 所有型號的扭力倍力器都包含一個反回彈安全裝置。

HandTorque® Compact Series KITs - Introduction:-

A Norbar HandTorque Multiplier has been combined with an appropriate NorTorque Torque Wrench to provide a complete kit for your bolting application.

Supplied in a robust carry case, with space for accessories such as sockets.



  • Guaranteed accuracy of better than +/-4%.
  • Anti Wind-Up Ratchet available on 25:1 models for easier and safer operation.
  • A variety of reaction styles are available for maximum versatility.
  • Electronic torque transducers can be fitted for precise torque monitoring.
  • Available in a variety of ratios and output square drive sizes.
  • Corrosion resistant finish.
  • Supplied with traceable calibration certificate stating exact ratio. Calibrated from 20% of maximum capacity.

Torque Wrench:-

  • Push through ratchets with a narrow engagement angle of 5° for working in tight spaces
  • Convenient hanger feature for tool storage also aids wrench unlocking and adjustment
  • Just eight turns to cover the entire scale
  • Micrometer scale applying to the primary torque units (N·m on a dual scale wrench) for simple and error free setting
  • Push/pull lock is fast and intuitive to use and prevents accidental adjustment of the set torque
  • Light and fast adjustment saves operator time and effort
  • Supplied with a Declaration of Conformance, which meets the requirements of ISO 6789-1:2017

About Norbar, world leaders in torque equipment

Cutting edge - Norbar’s state-of-the-art factory facilities ensure we provide the very latest design, manufacturing and quality control technology to achieve the highest level of innovation and precision in the field of torque control equipment.

Family values - Descendants of the founder, Bill Brodey, still participate in the business and the company remains every bit as passionate about providing customers with the highest quality products and services as Bill was when manufacturing that first torque wrench.

Globally available - Norbar is the only torque equipment manufacturer to be able to offer torque tool and instrument calibration services to the original factory standard on four continents.

HandTorque 輕便系列-扭力倍力器和扭力扳手套裝 - 產品規格

型號 料號 範圍 N.m 範圍 lbf.ft
HT-52 18186 267-1000 196.5 - 738
HT-92 18195 1000-4000 737.6-2950