用於水下的倍力器 - 功能介紹


Multipliers for Subsea


HT5 5:1 for Sub Sea Intervention Tools:-

  • Precision epicyclical gear design for high efficiency in a small, lightweight package
  • Supplied specifically for use in pressure compensated oil filled sub sea intervention tools with oil filling/drain holes and no grease
  • Input and output drives can be provided to customer requirements
  • Manufactured from standard Norbar components for trusted reliability and availability of spares

HT5 5:1 with Integrated Transducer:-

  • Designed to allow integration into the smallest housing possible to reduce weight and size of complete intervention tool
  • Transducer is integral part of the gearbox annulus and is made from stainless steel
  • Torque signal output available in mV/V, 4 to 20mA as 2 or 4 wire versions
  • Supplied with fully traceable bi-directional torque calibration certificate

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用於水下的倍力器 - 產品規格


型號 料號
用於水下乾預式工具的HT5 5:1 77331
用於水下花鍵輸出的HT5 5:1 77301




型號 料號
HT5 5:1帶有一體式傳感器 350 – 3500 N•m 77141.IND