PROTRONIC® PLUS 型號10 & 30 電子式 扭力扳手


PROTRONIC® PLUS 型號10 & 30 電子式 扭力扳手

保留ProTronic® 及Plus扳手的所有功能,並擁有更小巧的包裝。提供更小的扭矩並可應用於更多空間受限的工位。

PROTRONIC® PLUS 型號10 & 30 電子式 扭力扳手

保留ProTronic®ProTronic® Plus扳手的所有功能,並擁有更小巧的包裝。提供更小的扭矩並可應用於更多空間受限的工位。

PROTRONIC® PLUS 型號10 & 30 電子式 扭力扳手 - 功能介紹

  • 扳手兩側雙漸進式LED顯示屏輕鬆直觀的顯示扭力進程,方便用戶更輕鬆預測扭力目標。
  • 超大背光LCD顯示屏,扭力應用期間數字加粗加大顯示,提供最佳觀看效果。
  • 四種警示模式(LCD,漸進式LED,聲音,振動)適用任何工作環境並提供出色反饋。
  • 5種易於選擇的扭力單位:N.m,lbf.ft,,dN.m,kg.cm及kg.m(200N.m及以上型號)。
  • 諸多高級功能(循環計數器,自定義休眠時間,語言選擇,扭力適配器自動扭力計算,校準提醒,電量指示及自定義警示模式)令使用者可根據自身工作偏好設定工具。
  • 先扭力後角度(Torque THEN Angle)模式令使用者可在達到目標扭力後直接將角度應用在緊固件上,無需在工位中取出扭力扳手。
  • 在扳手被撞擊時,斷電保護技術可以確保工作及連續性不丟失。
  • 內置式校準係數功能輕鬆適應不同頭部長度(專利技術)。
  • 舒適安全的手柄設計。
  • 電池蓋設計防止意外鬆脫。
  • 含存儲外盒。
  • 提供符合ISO 6789-2:2017 的可追溯“校准證書”,便於終端用戶依循更嚴格的質量控制流程。
  • 扭力角度結合(Torque AND angle combo)模式令使用者可同時監測扭力及角度(專利技術)。
  • 配合新開發的TorqApp™軟體使用,實現實時流媒體讀值傳輸。
  • 工具編程最多可實現50個預設。預設鎖定功能僅允許可預設的操作員進行工具設置。
  • 序列編程和作業模式允許用戶以特定序列將預設鏈接在一起。
  • 提供UKAS認可的雙向扭力校准證書。

ProTronic Plus Model 10 & 30

The ProTronic Plus Model 10 and Model 30 retain all the features of the ProTronic standard and Plus Wrench in a more compact design allowing for lower torque and access to more space limited applications.


  • Dual progressive LEDs positioned both sides of the wrench provide an easy visual representation of torque progress allowing the user to more easily anticipate torque target
  • Large LCD screen with bright backlight; numbers become larger and bolder during active torque for optimal viewing
  • Four alert modes (LCD, progressive LED, audible, tactile) provide excellent feedback in all working conditions
  • 5 easily selectable torque units (N·m, lbf·ft, lbf·in, dN·m, kg·cm and kg·m)
  • A wide range of advanced features (cycle counter, customisable sleep timer, language selection, auto torque calculation for torque adaptors, calibration alerts, battery level indication, and numerous alert mode customisations) allow the user to tailor the tool to their work preferences
  • Torque THEN Angle mode gives the user the ability to conveniently apply an angle to a fastener directly after achieving a torque target without the need to remove the torque wrench from the application
  • Power interruption technology helps to prevent loss of work and continuity if the wrench is impacted
  • Patent pending built-in calibration factor feature allows different head lengths to be easily accommodated
  • Handle designed for a comfortable and secure grip
  • Battery cap has been designed to prevent accidental loosening
  • Storage case included
  • Supplied with a traceable 'Calibration Certificate' allowing end users to adhere to more stringent quality control processes
  • Patent pending Torque AND angle combo modes allows the user to monitor torque and angle simultaneously
  • Works alongside newly developed app designed for instant downloading of readings
  • Up to 50 pre-sets can be programmed in the tool with the ability to lockout helping to ensure against unauthorised setting changes
  • Sequence programming and job modes allows the user to chain together pre-sets in a particular sequence
  • UKAS accredited torque calibration in both clockwise and counterclockwise direction

PROTRONIC® PLUS 型號10 & 30 電子式 扭力扳手 - 產品規格

型號 料號 驅動方頭in 範圍N.m
ProTronic Plus 10 1/4” 130522 1/4” 0.5 - 10
ProTronic Plus 30 1/4” 130523 1/4” 1.5 - 30