傳感器-校正裝置-砝碼 - 功能介紹




傳感器-校正裝置-砝碼 產品參數

傳感器-校正裝置-砝碼 適用於圓盤式天秤 21400

型號 料號 品名 範圍 N.m
10 x 0.5 N Weights 21452.NAM 黃銅砝碼組 0.5 N.m
10 x 1.0 N Weights 21450.NAM 黃銅砝碼組 1.0 N.m
10 x 2.5 N Weights 21479.NAM 黃銅砝碼組 2.5 N.m

型號 料號 品名 範圍 N.m
10 x 2 N Weights 21476.NAM 鑄鐵砝碼組 5 N.m
10 x 4.0 N Weights 21454.NAM 鑄鐵砝碼組 10 N.m
10 x 20 N Weights 21458.NAM 鑄鐵砝碼組 50 N.m
1 x 4.8 N,1 x 7.2 N,1 x 12 N,1 x 24 N & 4 x 48 N Weights Q2343.NAM 鑄鐵砝碼組 60 N.m

傳感器-校正裝置-砝碼 適用於傳感器-校正裝置-天秤 21421

型號 料號 品名 範圍 N.m
10 x 10 N Weights 21477.NAM 鑄鐵砝碼組 50 N.m
10 x 20.0 N Weights 21458.NAM 鑄鐵砝碼組 100 N.m

傳感器-校正裝置-砝碼 適用於傳感器-校正裝置-天秤 21427/21428

型號 料號 品名 範圍 N.m
1 x 10 N,10 x 50 N Weights 21459.NAM 鑄鐵砝碼組 250/500 N.m
1x 16 N,1 x 24 N,1 x 40 N & 9 x 80 N Weights Q2344.NAM 鑄鐵砝碼組 400 N.m
1 x 10.0 N,10 x 100.0 N Weights 21460.NAM 鑄鐵砝碼組 500/1,000 N.m
14 x 100 N,2 x 50 N,1 x 10 N Weights 21483.NAM 鑄鐵砝碼組 500/1,000 & 1,500 N.m

如:21459.NAM可給21427扭矩標準機提供250 N.m,或在21428上提供500 N.m。

傳感器-校正裝置-砝碼 適用於傳感器-校正裝置-天秤 21842

型號 料號 品名 範圍 N.m
20 x 50 lbf Weights 21469.NAM 鑄鐵砝碼組 5,000 N.m



Calibration Disc & Calibration Beam - Introduction

Designed to remove potential sources of measurement error, these Discs can be used to calibrate Norbar torque transducers, and torque transducers from other manufacturers (where design permits), as well as mechanical test devices. UKAS length certification is provided with each Disc. Note: A temperature controlled environment is essential for use of these beams. The selection of weights will be influenced by gravitational constant and air buoyancy values at the proposed laboratory site.


  • Clockwise and counter-clockwise operation.
  • The <0.04% uncertainty of applied torque achievable with this beam allows calibration to the high classes of accuracy specified by BS7882:2017.
  • Beam length machined to +/-0.01% (100 microns per meter).
  • Compatible with male and female 1/4" square transducer drives.(Calibration Disc)
  • Beams balanced to maximise energy transfer to transducer during loading.
  • High beam accuracy allows use of cast iron weights rather than stainless steel. Weight accuracy is required to be equal to or better than 0.01%.
  • High quality bearings to reduce energy losses.
  • Gearbox provided to level beam and remove cosine errors.
  • SI and Imperial Calibration possible with one beam (using different weights).

Weights: - 

Weight accuracy is equal to or better than 0.01%.