Additional Torque Products

Accessories to complement Torqueleader tools

Hanging Loop End Caps

The Hanging Loop End Caps are designed for use with TSN, TSP and TBN wrenches

Enables the tools to be used with a lanyard or tool balance

Not suitable for use with Sw or RF wrenches

Hanging Loops 

The Hanging Loops are designed for use with Switch tools

PVC Grips

Easy to fit PVC Grips designed to improve user comfort and grip

Tool colour coding, serial numbers and recalibration dates can be seen clearly through the transparent grips

Up to 50% less operator effort in applying same torque

Lubricant available for easy fitting of grips

TSN Head Covers

The TSN Head Covers protect and fit the heads of the TSN range of wrenches

Protects the work piece from accidental damage from the tool during use

Ideal for Production areas where easily damaged materials are used

Hanging Loop End Caps

料號 型號
B34872 TBNS 2, TBNS 10, TSP 5 & TSP 10
B34882 TBN 25 & TSN 25
B34892 TSN 55
B34902 TSN 125, TBN 65 & TBN 135

Hanging Loops

料號 型號


B37582 Hanging Loop Switch tools 紅色

PVC Grips

料號 型號
P19030 Minor Grip
P19040 Standard Grip
A90220 P.80 Lubricant 100ml

TSN Head Covers

料號 型號
A29420 TSN 25 Head Cover
B28080 TSN 55 Head Cover
B28090 TSN 125 Head Cover


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